Searching for the perfect stage for your next conference or business event? What could be a better fit than the city that gave birth to symposia?

Ancient thinkers traded innovative ideas and memorable experiences at the first symposia; those hospitable gatherings of the mind. As a historic world capital and vibrant knowledge hub, the innate spirit of Plato’s Symposium still burns brightly in Athens today, making for spirited and fruitful international meetings and exciting events. We invented the meetings of minds.


We could give you 100 reasons to choose Athens. But here’s our easy ten.


Cultural DNA

80+ World-famous museums and 2 UNESCO sites go hand in hand with a vibrant contemporary cultural life. With more than four millennia of recorded history and an abundance of sites, museums and locations, Athens is a city where one can see history unfold before their eyes.


Resilient & Sustainable

Athens is an example of shared spirit, resilience and successful crisis management. The City of Athens has been reviving landmarks, boosting entrepreneurship and implementing a successful social inclusion strategy, in tandem with developing and implementing a strategic plan to build a safe, resilient and sustainable destination.


Ease of Access

Athens’ privileged geographical location at the crossroads of three continents -Europe, Africa and Asia- offers easy access for delegates. The multi-awarded Athens International Airport (AIA) “Eleftherios Venizelos”, is one of the fastest-growing airports globally. It is connected to all major cities at competitive prices while constantly enriching its network with new carriers and destinations.


Knowledge & Innovation Hub

Athens is home to 11 Universities, including the National Technical University of Athens, one of the most recognized institutions globally. There are 54 faculties, 109 departments and 21 research centers. €96M was invested in 2019 in Greek startups through the EquiFund apparatus. 301 companies have benefited from a total of €2.4B of investments in innovation.


Meetings Powerhouse

Athens boasts a variety of unique locations tailored to every need: from historical sites to modern landmark masterpieces; and from urban venues to seaside locations on the Athens Riviera. With a total of 170k meeting capacity and 470k sqm of conference and exhibition space, Athens is a meetings powerhouse.


Hotel Industry Excellence

Athens and the greater Athens region offer a total of over 34k rooms in 698 hotels. The hotel sector is continually developing, with new hotels, renovations and new international chains investing in Athens.


The Sunniest of Welcomes

You can’t make light of the Athenian sun! With an average daylight of 8-9 hours, a much-envied climate and incredible blue skies, Athens will entice you with both its weather and warm-hearted locals.


Prized Gastronomy

Famous for its renowned Mediterranean cuisine, Athens offers an outstanding gastronomic scene. Its contemporary urban vibe caters to every appetite and style. From traditional street food souvlaki to modern Greek cuisine and awarded Michelin restaurants.


Experiences To Blow your Mind

Athens guarantees authentic experiences connected to its heritage, present and future. From rich cultural immersions such as philosophy walks and workshops on pottery or ancient Greek sandals to exploring the lively urban neighbourhoods, the cool shopping and design scene, and our electric nightlife.



Source : This is Athens